The Cost Of A Recall

We are often asked how much money companies typically lose when their products are recalled, but unfortunately the costs are typically not disclosed. Below is a summary of an actual recall and the financial losses that resulted.  Please note that the company’s name has been changed and the losses are estimated in order to protect […]

Product Recall Risk Profile – Baked Goods

Product Recall Insurance Guide periodically focuses on specific product categories to explore their individual risks.  This week, we are exploring the risks faced by manufacturers and distributors of baked goods.  By far the most common cause of bakery-related recalls is mislabeling of undisclosed allergens including nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, soy and wheat.  Cross contamination is especially […]

Product Recall Coverage – How to Chose the Right Limit and Retention

Companies often struggle to determine the appropriate limit and self insured retention (SIR) when purchasing product recall insurance coverage.  There is unfortunately no perfect way to make these determinations, but there are a couple considerations to keep in mind… Financial Considerations In determining the proper SIR, insureds should consider their pain threshold.  By this, we mean […]

FDA Encouraged To Increase Investigation of Salmonella Incidents

A recent Food Safety News article outlines a push by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro to expedite its investigation of an ongoing seven-month Salmonella outbreak. This initiative is being driven by the recent recall of cucumbers for salmonella Salmonella In Veggies  which has affected consumers in 39 states and led to 6 reported deaths since the recall […]

Will Blue Bell Ever Be Listeria Free?

In a recent statement Blue Bell Creameries confirmed they have identified suspected areas where bacteria may be present but have no reported positive tests for Listeria monocytogenes. Since the major outbreak back in April which led to a recall of all Blue Bell Products, Blue Bell’s enhanced cleaning procedures are showing results of improvement throughout […]

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